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Melbourne. A musician's town. Everyone and their mate's band is releasing A-sides, B-sides, double A-sides, double B-sides.

Introducing 8 Bit Love and their latest triple single wank garbage, 'ABC-side'. A kind of release that can only be described with clichéd adjectives such as 'vulgar', 'scuzzy' and 'tongue-in-cheeked' (Fuck you, anything can be an adjective if you add the right suffix).

The boys have been known to dabble in the ridiculousness that is a double A-side. ie. Their 2011 release, 'Rock The Digressers', which received buzzing reviews like "Ugh", "Nooooope", "Bummer" and "This is why songs are better without lyrics".

Much to the disappointment of Beat Magazine, 8BL haven't yet cut lyrics from their repertoire. Instead upping the ante, slopping words together for new tracks such as Hurlfriend - based on a true story about kissing a girl after throwing up at a weird-ass-voodoo-Footscray house-party; I'm A Slut (For Pizza Hut) - a liberating work that assures it's okay to eat junk food, because it's no one else's business but your own; and Weekend With Belushi - a song not actually about the late, great Mr. John Belushi. They're no wordsmiths and they're not trying to be. Perhaps that's why they decided to start a dance-punk band who rates TV Rock as more of an influence than Bob Dylan.

*cue pretentious, gloating accolade paragraph*
Yes, they've toured nationally. Yes, they've played festivals like Parklife, St. Kilda Fest and Push Over. Yes, they've shared stages with bands like Regurgitator, Drunk Mums and (ur boy) Bangs. Yes, they've received national radio airplay for previous singles. What of it?

'ABC-side' will be available for limited release on the ever out-dated cassette and online until the government takes our internet away, with launch dates in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Because how else to you say "Please, buy our shit" after releasing a full anaglyphic 3D EP.


released October 3, 2013

Written and produced by 8 Bit Love. Additional production by Aden Senycia. 8 Bit Love are Matthew Darveniza, Simon Findlay and Vito Lucarelli. © and (p) 8 Bit Love 2013. Recorded by Vito Lucarelli of Headrush Productions ( at the John Curtin Bandroom (thnx Rusty xx). Mixed by Aden Senycia of Headrush Productions. Mastered by Dean Whitby at Little Ghost Mastering. Layout and artwork by Zoe Renee Steers.



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8 Bit Love Melbourne, Australia

Three dudes from Melbourne who make dance punk tunes and all play cowbell.

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